The Rise and Fall of Africa’s Ocean Giants

Dive into Deep Time

Travel to present day Morocco, a vibrant country in Northwest Africa, and dive into its prehistoric past. A fossil record that goes back 600 million years and presents an immense variety of life through the eons.

THe Traveling Exhibition

Sahara Sea Monsters

Two billion years ago cyanobacteria ruled the oceans and caused a monstrous climate event, oxygen. Since then ocean giants have risen and fallen. The fossil beds of Morocco are now home to an astonishing number of these fallen giants.

Join us in exploring 600 million years of ocean life in 4,000 – 7,000 square feet. This turn-key exhibition has invertebrate plates, full mounted skeletons, interactive games, augmented reality, all furnishings, interpretive labels, and stunning artwork. An exhibition technician will join your team on site for installation and dismantle.

Quick look

  • 4,000 – 7,000 sqft
  • Full size mounted replica skeletons
  • Megolodon jaw photo opp
  • Real fossil invertebrates
  • Life models
  • Artwork and murals by Julius Csotonyi
  • Animation by Julian Johnson Mortimer
  • Kinect hunting Mosasaurs game by Eddie Carbin
  • Passport stamp stations and passport “books”
  • Exhibition furnishings include walls, display cases, AV equipment, stanchions, benches, and cultural décor
  • Exhibition Technician on-site
  • Minimum security requirements

Meet the Monsters

See this exciting project come to life as our team tours the fossil beds of Morocco.

Join the tour

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